About Us

Starving Pen Magazine is an online literary magazine focused on aspiring writers. Finding a publisher, especially for the unknown (but enthusiastic writer) can be a pain; especially when the publishing field is continually (and rapidly) changing. At Starving Pen, our staff is dedicated to becoming an effective resource for our members by providing them with an outlet to publish their work, receive constructive criticism from others, gain insight into the minds of those already in the field, and much more!

Meet The Founders

Danny is a junior Psychology major, studying at the University of Northern Iowa who was born in the wrong era. He works actively at developing the skill sets of both pirates (singing, fencing, and competitive drinking), and Ninja (Rock climbing,, martial arts of several varieties, and acting). In his free time, he enjoys building entire universes both for fiction and for games. You can follow Danny on Twitter @NuclearNineball

Courtney is a senior Anthropology major, studying at the University of Northern Iowa. She's a small town girl, with big city dreams, and has absolutely no idea what she wants to do with her life after graduation (yet). Her biggest passions live in the worlds of writing and photography. Her dream is to write a novel by traveling the world with nothing but her beloved Nikon D60 digital SLR and a backpack full of notebooks. You can follow Courtney on Twitter @courtlynn08